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Aug 2, 2006
Well, problem solved. I went in the pool yesterday and the skin on the back of the heel that I was worried about started to peel off. Underneath was just some fresh skin. My mom mentioned that maybe during the surgery the doc needed to use a scope or something that would leave that mark. After a few swims in the pool the whole thing peeled off when rubbed with a towel. The skin that peeled off def. had blood (dried blood) on it but the skin underneath didn't even have one mark!

I am proud to report that the swelling has gone down a tremendous amount. After being on my feet most of yesterday and in the humidity all day, the foot looked only slightly larger then the good foot! I have some slight pain in the top of my foot about an inch away from the incision, but nothing I can't handle and it seems to be getting less and less everyday. The incision itself looks great, the Vitamin E and the lotions seem to be working their magic, I can even rub it and look at it without feeling sick now. I also am progressing very well getting around! With my socks & sneakers on I can walk with the aid of one crutch. I even went up the stairs yesterday, standing up!! It feels so good to feel normal again. Without shoes on I tend to use both crutches and keep the bad foot up to prevent it from being reinjured. The last piece of good news.. I am starting to develop muscle in the calf of the bad leg! The skin doesn't just hang there anymore, and when I point my toes you can actually see the muscles flex!! I am sooo excited. I hope that it lasts through this weekend, as I have a family party to go to, and want to show off!!! :)

Well, hope everyone is staying cool :cool:! It's going to be well into the hundreds at the hottest point of the day (106-115) so I am staying in the AC until the sun goes down and I can swim my laps comfortablly!!


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