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I had bunion surgery on my left foot back in February 2003, so it's been over 3 years (I had posts about it in this forum back then). I don't have major complaints, but there are some things that bother me. The one thing that bothers me THE MOST is that I have an odd sensation on the area around my toe when I touch it (even when I wear flip-flops, but not with shoes). It's like a tingly sensation, not painful, but so strange that I try to avoid touching it.

The second most annoying thing is that I have lost some range of motion, so I can't bend my toes all the way down as I used to. Bending them down also brings some of the tingly feeling, so I try to avoid doing this as well. And I used to enjoy cracking my toes a lot by bending them, so I've lost this little pleasure as well (but at least I can still do it with my right foot!)

A third complaint is that my scar is fairly obvious, but it's not such a bad thing for me because I've never liked being barefoot.

A final complaint is that I still sometimes get pain when walking a lot, which is the reason why I got the surgery in the first place, so now I'm having second thoughts about getting my right foot fixed. The pain is a lot less, though, because before I would get pain even when not walking! I wonder if there's a way to simply remove the nerve that's causing the pain and leave everything else alone.

Well, if you're thinking about getting a bunion surgery, I would make sure that you really really need it. I should have first tried some non-surgical treatments before jumping into surgery! But if you do get the surgery, don't forget ELEVATION! I didn't elevate my foot as much as I should have for the first week, and I think that may have caused some scar tissue to build up in my foot, which is probably the reason--at least in part--for some of my complaints.

Good luck!

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