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I had a double bunionectomy three weeks ago and since the swelling has gone down in my feet I've noticed that I still have minor bumps on the sides of my feet and my big toes still angle slightly into my other toes. My feet look much better than they did pre-surgery, and I'm not feeling the bony protrudences (sp?) that were my bunions, but I still notice these bumps. My doctor did not put in the metal bar (stint) thing that others have mentioned so I wonder if that's made a difference. :confused:

I'll definitely ask my doc about this the next time I see him, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this too. I never went into this surgery for cosmetic reasons, but I have to admit I'm a little bit disappointed about seeing these bumps.
Hi Becky,

Good to hear from you and good luck to you too! Glad you were so happy with your feet. The transformation is amazing, isn't it?

Not sure of all the technical terms, but I had the chevron procedure where the extra bony part was shaved off, the bone was cut, realigned and screws were put in. I didn't have the pin/stint put in between first and second toe though, as I've noted some have had done on here. I meant to ask doc about that, I guess I will when I see him next. I'm probably overreacting a little because my feet do look a whole lot better. All in all, I can't complain about the procedure.
My feet are still healing from the two bunion/hammertoe surgeries I had in July and I see bumps on the toes themselves. I had screws in the bunion places and pins in all the toes. I pointed the bumps out to the doctor when I saw him last week; he took x-rays and felt the bumps and said it was just fluid and nothing to worry about. I don't know how long it is going to take for the fluid stuff to go away. Anyone have any idea about that? Like others, I feel the appearance is so much better than pre-surgery, I am not derailed by the little bumps, just curious why they can't be lanced to drain the fluid.
hey guys! I am 1 year and 4 months post op on my bunion surgery. A lot of what you are seeing is swelling and fluid. I thought the same thing! Now it's gone down and I can really notice the improvement. Unfortunately I still have problems with my toe pointing inwards.. I may just be doomed to never have great feet. I keep wondering if it's just going to be what my feet would do anyways, or if he didn't move the bone inwards enough when repositioning it.

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