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Hi Dancing Feet - you must have had your surgery around the same time I had mine (10-18-06). I'm 3 weeks post op today. I have not been weight bearing at all. I was total NWB with crutches and a "half" cast for 2 weeks. Last Thursday I got a "walking boot" but I still have to use the crutches and the "boot" allows no weight bearing. I can put the heel down and then "roll" through the step without putting weight on my foot and the "boot" weighs a ton! If I have my foot down for too long I get a lot of numbness and pins and needles so then I know I have to elevate.

I also have a desk job and went back to work yesterday. I had to navigate up 5 outside concrete steps to get in and I managed, then someone held the doors open for me. I was a little nervous about that part. Then I opted to stay home today because it is raining like crazy and I was afraid I would slip on wet leaves or ground. Probably a smart move on my part. I plan to go in tomorrow and of course it is my right foot also so driving is out. I have to be chauffered and I hate that part.

I can"wiggle" my toes some but the big toe is not moving too much. I still seem to have a lot of swelling on the top of my foot. I haven't seen x-rays yet but I have at least one internal pin and an "external" that I have seen on the top of my foot. The external will come out in 6-8 weeks and the internal will stay unless I have problems.

Speedy recovery to everyone and hopefully great results!!
Hi Everyone,
Well I talked to my doctor today. He said it was normal to feel the heavy weight and numbness in my foot. He told me that as soon as I feel the heaviness, to get off my feet and elevate. He said it is not the "no pain, no gain" philosophy and that I should not push myself. When the foot starts swelling, numbing, pins and needles, etc., to get off the foot. He will be taking X-Rays this coming Tuesday (my next appointment). I do wear the post op shoe boot, but even that feels like a weight on my foot. He said I should start flexing my toes and my ankle. I have been doing that, somewhat. I'm still concerned about the driving. I don't like the idea of driving while my foot feels heavy and numb. There's no one who lives near me, either, who could drive me. I will try to drive in my neighborhood before attempting to hit the highways; maybe by next week. Doctor says not to worry - I'll get there. The problem is that I want to be there already - but don't we all! I'll keep you posted. Again, thanks for responding.

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