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What causes gout?
Dec 10, 2006
Hi. Im 36 and Im pretty sure I have gout. I went to the gym the other night and felt perfectly fine when I got home, and I didnt hurt my foot or anything that Im aware of. About 2 hours later my foot started to hurt really bad and hurt enough to wake me up that night and only 3 motrin was enough to make it bearable. I also iced it.

It has all the symptoms of gout. It came on very suddenly and is swollen and the pain is right the the exact joint in my big toe that gout usually effects.

I had gout once before when I was younger but that was over 10 years ago. I was drinking very heavily at that point in my life.

Im not sure what wouldve caused this. I dont drink alcohol anymore (havent in over 11 years). I have a non-alcoholic beer now and then. Im also in pretty good shape and not overweight or anything. I eat fairly healthy and havent started any new meds or anything. Any ideas what couldve caused this?

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