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Sounds familiar to me as well! My parents and family members had suspected some foot problems in me as a toddler, took me to the doctor & was told it's just baby feet and nothing was wrong, I would grow out of it. Well, I sure wish he could see me now! Over 20 yrs I've had problems and flat feet, and went to podiatrists for it. Had many orthotics done, etc..When I was about 20, though, I started developing severe inflammation around my entire right ankle joint, which then spread to the left, and eventually to many other joints. Then out of the blue the swelling & pain would just go away. This has happened many times over the years (including swellings in other joints) & I was diagnosed with synovitis....however, no treatments worked over most of the years. I guess it would run it's course, then I would feel fine again for while. Now, over the course of 20 yrs, my right ankle is deformed, my foot is turned out to the right and I cannot even try to put weight on the outside of my foot. I've had swelling, redness, intense pain, burning, cramping, pins & needles,hives, not able to sleep, some times pain was so bad I had to hop on my left foot, had to quit jobs, etc.. So I do know the pain you are feeling and am sorry you are going through that. I finally saw rheumatologist about 2-3 yrs ago when I had a bad flare of various joints, tried different anti inflammatories and finally was given oral prednisone. The pred completely wiped out every swelling & pain in my body, including my ankle, to the point I was able to exercise again. Since then I've been diagnosed with lupus and osteoarthris in various places. I have been tested for RA several times, but was always told I dont have it. Recently I was given MRI's to check for Ankylosing Spondilitis (as I also developed swelling and pains up & down my spine, in my sacroilliac area, hips, and shoulders)....but the MRI's showed no evidence of AS. Actually, my bloodtests for LUpus didnt show anything either, but he went by all my symtoms and tried treatments until something worked. Now I have alot of bony overgrowth on my inside ankle, just got more Xrays done...and it showed all is fine! So my physical therapist urged me to see another podiatrist he say's is very good in my area. I have an appt with him on Monday, so who knows what this one will say or do. (in the past, all the foot doctors i'd been to didnt know what else to do for me and I was told there was no surgery anyone could do).

Have you ever been tested for any type of inflammtory or reactive arthritis...or any autoimmune diseases?

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