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Hi Grafiti - I had bunion surgery and second toe shortened in Oct. I also had the 1st metatarsal fused. I do not have a pin in my toe. I have been in sneakers for about a month now and my foot and ankle still swell every day. I get the numb pins and needles feeling in my toe and bunion area. I bought these sneakers after the surgery. I also bought a new pair of "good" loafers that I can wear for work. Well they last about half a day and then the instep swells and I have to go back to the sneakers.

I had a really flat foot before the surgery and pronated a lot. Now I find the surgical foot (right) has a nice arch although barefoot I find I still walk on the outside of my foot. I think this is just a slow long recovery. You were very brave to do one right after the other. I have to have the left foot done but that won't be for a while.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Grafiti4u: "I also notice I walk funny. In shoes or out of shoes I am walking flat footed, sort of stomp my feet flat as I walk. I guess I am afraid to walk normal and bend my toes as I walk. I have pins in my big toe joints, so maybe subconciously I am afraid to bend the joints or something. So has anyone had this weird fear of walking normally, and had to force themselves to walk regular again? And how long did it take you to feel comfortable whereing regular shoes again?"

Grafiti~ Last May I had a double bunionectomy, as well as correction for hammertoes. I was also tempted to walk flat-footed, but was supposed to be bending the big toes while walking after two weeks. In fact, my doctor wanted me to use my fingers to wiggle/bend the big toes back & forth as far as they would go every day-- a lot. It did seem to give them more flexibility/range of motion, especially the one which was more stiff that the other. I think it was my second (hammertoe) toes that were more tender and made me tentative about walking. (I was [I]not[/I] supposed to wiggle them back & forth.) I can't remember what point it was at which I was supposed to actually go up and down on my tip-toes with my full weight, but long before that I did exercises where you try to pick up a towel or marbles using your toes.

I was able to wear extra wide gym shoes pretty comfortably after two weeks, but it was at least two months before I could really wear my "regular" shoes. After a month I got a pair of cheap, but very wide & comfortable, Dr. Scholl shoes in black to wear with more dressy clothes. (Various tops with black pants) They weren't fashionable, but they were far more inconspicous that bright white gym shoes. I could wear just about all my old shoes by three months post-surgery.

RightFootMary: "I get the numb pins and needles feeling in my toe and bunion area."

I had that too and after nine months, part of my big toe is still a little numb, but no more pins-and-needles sensation. I assume that there was nerve damage which has slowly healed. Even if I never regain full feeling, I don't care-- better numbness than pain!

Hope you both heal completely-- It's great to have normal pain-free feet!

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