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I had my surgery back on Nov. 15th and I am still having problems. My big toe is still swollen and stiff ( a little) and wearing shoes-ha! I spend about 1 hour trying on shoes, wearing them for a while and have to take them off. It seems that the seams(tongue area) on tennis shoes even tho real loose it affects something on the top of my foot especially when I make that forward movement. I feel that it is ever so lightly touching the place where the pin used to be. The only shoes I can wear for a while is a pair of clogs which are my "work shoes" and I have to wear them in public -ugly! But what is a girl supposed to do? I am so frustrated about this surgery which I thought it would be 8-10 weeks tops and I would be hoppin' and skippin' but was I wrong. I even tried to get back on the tennis courts and that is embarrassing-can't run. I keep telling everyone that my recovery is slow considering I walk on concrete all the time because of my job. Maybe it would have been faster recovery had I had an office job. I might go for 3-4 days feeling pretty decent and then it is back to square one. What makes it depressing is to read that it could take up to a year b/4 toe is ok. Maybe I should go to a physical therapist-the dr has not even suggested that. Would that help or just keep doing as much walking as you can. It is now 3 months.

Now that I can't hop and skip-had to buy a recumbent bike and try to keep myself in shape-been putting on a few pounds which is not good.

Enough of my whining but right now I guess I am lucky that I don't have to be on crutches. I just have to exercise patience.

Right foot Mary-How are you doing now? Us Senior citizens (mid-50's) got to keep it together. Cathy
Debbie G-hello This is tennisgirl. When I would go play tennis which was 1 time a week-pitiful. It was like starting all over-I couldn't hit the ball. I didn't realize that in tennis you have to depend on your feet for timing or how crucial it is. I am a 3.5 player but I should be a 2.5 player. I have only been on the courts 3 times but I did notice that it takes about a week for my foot to feel better or at least put on a pair of shoes. I can deal with the bottom of my foot feeling sore but it is the top of foot that seems to get irritated. It is the bone I guess that runs from the top of foot to the end of your big toe. I need an anatomy map of my foot. What do you mean after two years you had a toe fusion done? Not sure what a toe fusion is. I noticed after my surgery that my toe next to the big toe is a tad longer now. Maybe it is a illuision since my big toe is still swollen. Are you still playing? Thanks for responding.
hi tennisgirl, no iam not playing tennisbecause of the running and i dont think i could even get my tennis shoes on. i had big toe fusion in nov after a failed bunionectomy and a failed implant. my toe sticks up 15 degrees and will remain that way. i am also a 3.5 player and i miss it so much. the top of your foot could be a bone spur. is there a bump? i had tat also and the dr had to shave it down so i am still recovering from that. my foot is a big mess so if you really think something is wrong-see your dr. let me know debbie g

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