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Hi Tennisgirl - I had a Lapidus bunionectomy (1st metatasul fusion) and second toe shortened Oct 18, 2006 (4 months now and counting). I guess I'm really doing good however if I don't wear the compression sock all the time my foot still swells. With the compression sock the swelling is minimal (mostly just the big toe now). I can wear sneakers all day (new ones that I bought post-op 1/2 size larger then I used to wear) and I can wear loafers during the work day. I go to work in the sneakers and come home in them and only wear the loafers when I'm actually at work (I have to wear something semi dress in the office). I'm hoping to wear sandals this summer. My dr did say barefoot would be the last thing I can do and I find that when I'm barefoot I tend to walk on the side of my foot and not flat (without even thinking about it). I am back at my gym but I can't incline the treadmill or do leg pushes.

The dr had me in physical therapy for a couple weeks now but I feel silly going because there really isn't any swelling although they do stretch the big toe and use electrode stimulators. I think this Friday they will release me from therapy and next Thursday I go back to the dr.

Don't get discouraged. I found that some things happened all of a sudden (when I had just about given up hope). You might want to ask your dr about a compression sock. I find that really does help although I'm glad it is winter and not summer because I don't think I would want to wear it when it's hot out.

Good luck and keep us updated.


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