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are you sure the pain is from scar tissue ? did he bury the nerve ending into a muscle to help prevent stump neuromas ? have you looked into ultrasound with iontophoresis, anodyne or ART (active release therapy)? They can be very effective treatments.
the ultrasound, anodyne and ART are treatments to help break down scar tissue. Regular physical therapy sometimes isn't enough. I had nerves trapped in scar tissue and had ALOT of improvement with ART. It's a type of deep massage that a trained person - usually a chiropractor does. Even Marathon runners and other athletes get painful adhesions in their legs and they utilize ART often. It can be painful but it is worth a try. My insurance paid for it. Anodyne is ultraviolet light and heat that stimulates blood flow and healing and can be used in conjunction with ART. Also, ultrasound is effective at breaking down scar tissue. Ultrasound with iontophoresis is basically using ultrasound with a medication cream on the foot. The ultrasound breaks down the scar tissue and the medication gets delivered right into the tissue. This is just a quick description - do some research or ask your Dr and you will see that there are some viable options for you ! These treatments can save people from having neurectomies done.
Hi Snwtyger

Now that you describe it, I had the Ultrasound with iontophoresis for the tendanitis in my ankle but they never tried it for the neuromas. I'll look into the other two options also. If ART is painful, I don't care. I'll do almost anything (aside from surgery) to get rid of this scar tissue.

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