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Re: Bunion Surgery
Apr 4, 2007
Hi, Zardtoe~ I had a double bunionectomy (and hammertoe surgeries) last May. I am very glad I did had it done—It’s been eleven months since the surgeries, and after decades of hurting, I am pain free, not to mention enjoying much nicer looking feet! I wore surgical sandals for two weeks, then big gym shoes; I never had casts or crutches and was able to start getting around after two weeks. Life was pretty much back to normal by eight weeks. Stiffness is not really an issue for me-- a little numbness, but it's not problematic and I'd take numbness over pain any day!

I highly recommend that you look in the Healthboards archives to find two threads called “Double Bunionectomy Questions” from last spring (a second started after the first one got two long). Almost any issue you could imagine got discussed on those threads. You can read about many different experiences and it will help you think of questions to ask your doctor.

Re preparation if you decide to have surgery... One of my best purchases was a $1. plastic blow up inner tube to sit in—Elevating your feet is essential, but sitting with your legs up puts a lot of pressure on the tailbone. Before I got the inner tube, my butt was hurting more than my feet! The second most helpful thing I got was my son’s college dorm fridge—it was one of the larger ones with a freezer section. I put it right next to my bed--Having drinks, snacks, and icepacks at my fingertips was not only great for me, but saved my family a lot of wear-and-tear. I made sure that I had EVERYTHING I could thing of within reach—laptop computer (with wireless internet), tons of books, TV remote, iPod, phone, toiletries, meds, cereal, crackers, cookies, etc. I was even able to brush my teeth in bed with the use of a plastic bowl to spit in. A bean bag was great for propping my feet on and a wedge pillow helped support my legs from the knees to the feet. Good pillows for leaning back on were also a necessity. A long body pillow between my husband and me during the night insured that he didn’t accidentally kick (or even touch!) my feet while sleeping. I also appreciated using one of those lap desks—sort of like a TV tray with a little bean bag thing under the flat surface—for eating as well, as working on things. I did not have to buy all of the above. Once I told friends what I needed, someone always knew someone who had and was happy to lend the items.

I hope you get the information you need to make the best decision about whether or not to have the surgery, now or in the future. I wish I had had mine earlier before such extensive damage was done. Although I am very satisfied with the results of my procedures, the outcome is generally better if your feet aren't too messed up to start out with. Best wishes, Kathy

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