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Help! I have been reading all of the post pertaining to bunion surgery trying to figure out what is going on with my foot. I had surgery 1/31/07 and everything seemed to be healing fine. It has been almost three months since the surgery and I can barely wear tennis shoes. I start getting a pain near where the bunion was and right below it on the side of my foot. It's to the point where I have to take my shoe off. My foot is still pretty swollen and on my xray the screw was sticking out just a little bit. I am getting so frustrated. My doc has me going to PT 2x's a week but so far that doesn't seem to be helping.

Has anyone had this sort of pain 3 months after surgery? I have three young kids so I am constantly on my feet. I just want to get back to normal.

Hi Meghan,
I'm so sorry to hear about your post-surgery problems, and I'm wondering how you're doing now. I had surgery mid May, and am still having major issues. Like you, my foot doesn't look much better than before - there is still a large protrusion on the side. Also, there seems to be a piece of bone protruding on the top of my foot where there wasn't before, and I think there is also nerve entrapment at this point. It sends a horrible sensation all the way down my toe when I touch here. I can just about get my foot into tennis shoes now, but I have such pain just walking. It burns on the top of my foot and I also get pain in the joint. I feel so much worse off than before the surgery, and really regret having it.
I'm hoping that you are doing better now, and can give me some hope that my issues will get better. How is your foot feeling and looking now?

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