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Okay guys, heres my story. Without knowing all the medical terms involved I'll do my best to describe what my feet were like and what they are like now. I was born with no arches. I know many people are born this way but it caused severe bunions and made my second toes (next to the big toe) arch over the big toe. I had knocked knees that effected my walking as well. I had two surgeries at the ages of 12 and 14 to remove the bunions and straighten the toes out, but both of these surgeries were not successful. When I was 19 I went to another Pod and he knew of this Dr. that was excellent with deformities of the feet. Upon seeing this Dr. I was told the reason why I kept getting bunions back was because I needed arches. So he built arches in both feet and shortened my second toes in attempt to straighten them out. It was a successful surgery. As of today I dont have knocked knees and have never had another bunion. However my left foot continued to give me problems through out the years. I've had several neuromas (sp) removed and a hammer toe on the third and forth toes fixed. Also, my second toe is completely off its joint, which I was told is from all the trauma. After my archs were built I lost a lot of the fatty pad under the metatarsal area so I also had procedures done to try and relieve pain and pressure caused by callouses. This was done by lifting the metatarsal bones This is all on my left foot. My right one is okay. When I was in my mid 30's (Im now 48) I started to get and severe hammer toe on my big toe. The same Pod that fixed the third and forth toes throughout the 80's and 90's attempted to fix the big toe back in 2000 but it did not work and just got worse. I lived with the pain for many years. Last year I was told about this excellent orthopedic surgeon in Toledo that specializes in feet. I made an appointment with him and he explained the procedure he wanted to do on my foot. This is the one I mentioned, the Clayton Hoffman procedure. He said that he's done this procedure on hundreds of people, especially older people who have arthritis in their joints and he has had great success with it. After seeing him I wanted to get a second opinion because I knew what it was like to have pins in my feet and the thought of this really scared me. I then made an appointment with another Pod in the area and he said that this was the only way to go, especially with my hammer toe. He said if he was to do surgery on my foot he'd fuse my toe as well. He wasnt to keen on the attempting the other toes though. After getting this second opinion I went back to my previous Pod and asked what he thought (this would be my third opinion). He said if he'd do anything he'd go another route because he thought I was too young for a fusion. He suggested removing the sesamoid bone in my big toe to relieve at least some of the pain. Wow, this sounded great. He also said he could take out a section of the forth toe to help rid some of the pain that yet another callous was causing. He also offered to fix another hammertoe on my forth toe, which I thought was only a corn. I gave it a lot of thought and talked with friends, family, and co workers about what they thought. On Dec 21, 2006 I had the surgery. After all of this my foot is now worse than before. I went to another Pod just last week. I only went for a suggestion on what I can do more conservatively. After explaining my story he told me there is no getting around it. I would eventually need to have a fusion done on my toe. He said it is very fixed and nothing would work except a fusion. I asked him if lengthening the tendon would be an option someday because I know that this has been done on people. He said my hammertoe was to severe so this would not be an option. After examining the rest of my foot he said I'd most likley need surgery that they do on people who have rheumatiod arthritis. He asked me if I had arthritis in my feet and I said no. As he was explaining the procedure I interupted him and asked if he was talking about the Clayton Hoffman procedure and he said yes. He offered to make me orthotics, and since my insurance is paying for it at 100% I'm going that route for now. I guess after going to 3 Drs and hearing the same thing by each of them I will have no other choice but to someday have this done. Im not so concerned about having the toe fusion because my toe doesnt bend as I walk anyways. It is raised about 3/4 of an inch off the ground when I stand. I guess its the metatarsal heads I'm not to sure of. Sorry this was so long but I wanted to give you an idea of what is going on. Hope this helped.

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