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I just joined just to post this. I was so embarassed about my foot after months of little bumps right below the toes, but above the middle of my foot.
I just counted, and it's dark, so I didn't get them all, but so far there are over 60 bumps. Most of them have two or three little black specks in them. I do wash my feet, and I wear socks, change shoes, the whole bit.

I thought they were just blisters, so after pushing aside my embarassment I told my dad before going to school about my foot. It's only on the right foot, so when he gets home I get to show him. When I got home I showed my brother, and my mother. My brother thinks it's either a cancer, tumor (excuse my spelling if it's wrong), or athlete's foot. The thing is my foot isn't itchy nor does the skin break. It's not dry, but that area does hurt, and I was warned now not to touch it.

The bumps are seperated from each other, but on my big toe there are a lot of them bunched together, which is obviously seen, and there are black speckles crowded close together. Yes, I am scared, and I know I should see the doctor right away, but the problem is my father makes an excuse that he can't take me to the doctor, because after a year I'm still waiting to go for other reasons, and no one is here to take me there.

I'm 15 and I'm curious to know if someone has, or has had what I have, but I want to know if someone knows what it is. Thank you!

- Deanna

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