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[QUOTE=Stitcher317;3047176]Don't give up, Sweetpea! The sun will shine tomorrow and you'll be on the UP side of this..... Do you think you are ready to stop the pain Rx and just take something like Advil, Aleve or Tylenol? Oh, also, is there any chance you picked up a gastrointestional virus?

I mentioned your bravery because you made a decision to have the surgery and stuck with it. Also knw that you've done your research. I, on the other hand, canceled my surgery last week! Ms. Chicken Little! Sorry for it now, as I realize my foot isn't going to get better and most likely IS going to get worse....:rolleyes:

I am counting on you feeling better real soon, sweetie....Know that we're all rooting for you....

PS - Ginger tea always soothes my tummy when I don't feel well.....Maybe your Mom or Dad can get you some.....:wave:[/QUOTE]

Ahh don't worry about it. I was actually supposed to get my surgery done last year, but I kept putting it off because I'm a huge wimp (as you can see). It might not get worse for you if they aren't that bad right now. Get some orthotics, stretch out your shoes, and steer clear of crowded/tight/high shoes as much as possible, and there's a good chance that they'll stabilize. Unfortunately I live in New York so I do a LOT of walking, so even though my bunions aren't that severe, they still hurt a lot and one day I just got fed up and decided to stick to my guns.

Well I called the Dr on call and he told me to just stop taking the antibiotic, and if I can tolerate the pain, to also stop taking the Darvocet and just take some Advil. He said at this point, it's extremely unlikely that I will get an infection, but I'm still concerned cause that would be a disaster, however unlikely. He pointed out that it wouldn't make much difference anyway since I can't hold it down, so I guess I'll just hope for the best.

So now I'm trying to survive just on Advil. It's uncomfortable but not unbearable. I feel all bonejangley where the hardware is, which can be unnerving, but it's far from being the worst pain in the world. Hopefully it will take care of things. I just had some rice and mushroom broth and so far my tummy hasn't rejected it yet. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be stable enough to take a bath. I feel so dirty right now =\

Thanks for reminding me about ginger tea! I completely forgot about that. My mummy used to make it for me when I was small and it always helped. I'll definitely request that tonight :) Thanks a lot for your support. It definitely helps.

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