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Hi all - I haven't been around in a while but I just wanted to update everyone including some of the newbies. I had a Lapidus buionectomy Oct 18, 2006 (8 months ago). I'm 58 years old and I think evey active. In the Lapidus procedure the metatarsul was cut, part of the joint taken out and then fused. I was in a "boot" and nonweightbearing for 8 weeks (seemed like an eternity).

Anyway I just went back to the pod today. I can wear some of my "old" shoes but mostly stick to a new pair of SAS loafers that I bought for work and new "running" shoes with orthodics that I use for walking. I have no limitations now and can walk at least 3 miles and exercise without a problem. The instep does still swell some by the end of the day but not unbearable. I told him that if I sit for a long time (like 4 hours at a party or something) the foot really swells. He said to keep flexing the ankle to keep the blood flowing and try to get up and move around. He also said I can wear any shoes that I feel I can tolerate but to be sensible. I'm looking forward to getting some sandals for the summer. My bunion was "severe" with my big toe overlapping the second toe and pushing up the top of whatever shoe I wore.

He said he did extensive work and the swelling will still diminish and the little bit of numbness that is left in the bunion area should also diminish. He wants to see me back in 6 months with my orthodics.

All in all I'm very happy I had the surgery and don't feel I'm restricted from doing anything. I'm amazed that I no longer have calluses on the bottom of my foot (it's really nice and smooth) and that was one of my complaints.

Hope everyone else is doing as good.


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