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About two weeks ago I developed severe pain in the ball of my foot under my big toe. I can move my toe without pain. The pain is excruciating with any pressure on the ball area. There is a bump in the area and it is warm to the touch. I went to a walk-in clinic and the Dr. said it was just inflammation and put me on anti-inflammatories. A week later I went to a podiatrist who took x-rays, said everything looked normal "except for this bump on my foot" and put me in a cam walker for two weeks. A week later, there has been no improvement. Thankfully, I can walk comfortably in the cam walker but the area is still swollen, warm and hurts just from the pressure of wearing the boot. Anti-inflammatories don't seem to be helping. My podiatrist recommended a cortisone shot but I'm terrified because just touching the area lightly causes pretty bad pain. Also, I'd like a better diagnosis before we just start treating things randomly. He mentioned an inflammation of the sesmoid bones but would that cause a lump? Anyone have any suggestions? The pain is very localized to the bump. No radiation to toes or nerve symptoms or anything. Help!!!

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