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Dear Sue 2001,
I just saw your post and I wanted to share my experience with foot surgeries with you. I do wish you the best of luck with resolving your foot problems. It sounds to me like you have severe problems with your feet as have I. What kind of Doctor have you seen about your feet? I personally recommend a very experienced podiatrist who has done a lot of foot surgeries. I had surgery on both feet (one at a time) last summer and I was on crutches off and on all summer. An orthopedic surgeon did those surgeries and I had poor results from both surgeries so about 9 months after my second surgery I decided I would have to have both feet operated on again by someone else. I am sure there are good orthopedic surgeons that could have corrected my foot problems correctly the first time but the one I went to wasn't the one.

I went to a podiatrist this time who had 29 years of experience and I had both feet operated on June 11th. I feel very positive this time and the podiatrist was very positive as well. I had 3 toes on one foot and 2 toes on the other foot operated on. Both of my big toes were very angled as you have described yours but not quite as bad as yours - mine were only under my second toes.

I seriously doubt that any type of orthotics could possibly help much less "cure" the kind of foot problems that you have described. These kind of foot problems run in my family and one of my aunts just had her third foot surgery. Another aunt has had foot surgery on one of her feet but it didn't help. She needs a really good podiatric foot surgeon to operate on her feet. Hers are the worst I have ever seen - both feet. I don't know how she tolerates walking. She stuffs cotton between her toes everyday and you can see her toes bulging upwards through the top of the athletic shoes she wears. No one has ever suggested orthotics to my aunts or myself as a way to cure the problem. Our feet are just too bad for orthotics to help.

Sue 2000, if you do an internet search for bunions, you can find all kinds of websites that explain the foot problems and the various surgical procedures used. There are websites with pictures of bunion deformities also. The worst looking picture of a bunion/big toe deformity I found was what my one aunt's feet look like. Whatever you decide, make sure you ask the doctor plenty of questions - don't go into it blindly. If your doctor seems hesitant to answer your questions or seems somewhat unsure of himself/herself then definitely find another doctor. The first doctor who operated on my feet was like that but I didn't heed the warning. The podiatrist who just operated on my feet last week did not hesitate to answer any of my questions and seemed very confident but not at all arrogant. He seems like a really nice guy who definetly knows what he is doing. One surgery per foot is enough unless you develop additional problems later on in life which may happen if you are fairly young. I waited a long time like Momtopj did.

To Momtopj: Sounds like we had surgery on the same day. Sounds like you are doing good - I hope so. Good luck on your recovery!

Sue 2000 - Good luck to you. Please let us know what you decide and how things go. As a fellow foot sufferer I know what it is like. I also know (now) that not every doctor has the skill to fix things right - it is not a simple procedure like giving an injection or something.

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