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Foot Pain
Oct 30, 2001
I had 2 surgeries on my right for torn cartilage, and the 2nd for a tendon tear, in Feb. I am in more pain now than before the surgeries. The tear was on the inside of the ankle, right below the ankle bone. When my doctor repaired it, he also shaved down another part of the tendon that was thickened. He then said he performed a fairly new procedure, whereas he sewed the repaired tendon to another tendon which runs underneath the one he repaired. He said this should strengthen it.My ankle is always swollen now, I keep feeling burning off and on in the area, as if I'm getting tearing there, and there seems to be a significant amount of scar tissue there, as well as the entire ankle bieng sore all the time, as opposed to just a little burning in the area of the tear before the surgery. Has anybody ever heard of this procedure of sewing a bad tendon to a good one, and if so, what kind of results have you heard of? It would seem to me that when I walk, the two tendons would pull against each other, possibly causing tearing, Any thoughts, ideas, or information on this would be appreciated.

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