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Hello everyone. I had a bunionectomy on March 6. I had the bone broken and a piece removed and screws put into the bone. I was in a cast for 2 months post op. My question is regarding my foot and leg after my cast was removed. When I stand, my foot and leg get so red, almost purple. It is like a flushing of the skin. I have cramping in my leg, all the way up into my thigh. I went to the Dr today. He said he isn't concerned about a blood clot, but he thinks it could be RSD. What I have read about RSD doesn't sound like what I have. If I prop my foot up, it will turn back to a normal color. The Dr I saw today isn't my surgeon. He will not be in until next week. I just saw a family practioner. Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem after cast removal with this surgery? If so, does it ever go away?

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