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I have had a midfoot fusion due to a crush injury and the imminent arthritis that would be a result with out the fusion . They fused my first three cunniforms and the heads of my first two metatarsals. Let me start off by saying I will try to give as unbiased a view as possible about the surgery and the recovery as well as mobility afterward. I went into surgery at a daysurgical center assuming that I would be going home afterward. That was not the case. I had to stay one day. I had the option to have a nerve block installed into my leg during surgery that would serve to block pain via a medication pump for about three days after surgery. I could feel nothing below my knee which was wonderful while it lasted. I was in a jones dressing in the hospital which is basically a piece of casting material that runns along the back of your leg and under your foot with soft material bound around it and a lot of fluff for padding inside. Upon leaving the hospital I was placed in a short leg cast below the knee. I went home the day after surgery. Every thing went well until my nerve block pump became disloged and was leaking out of my leg instead of going into it and so it had to be removed.
Two days after surgery I swelled in my cast making it severly painful and my toes were turning blue, so I went back to the doctor and he cut it off and put on another. Six hours after that I was at the emergency room having the second cast removed. I ended up back in the jones dressing until that too was removed so many times that I was put in a soft cast. That was the first month, although I don't remeber all that much because to keep the pain at bay I took oxycodone and hydrocodone every three hours alternatingly. At about four weeks post- op I developed a blood clot in the back of my leg and was put on Lovenox injections that I had to give myself twice a day. I also took cumadin for about 7 or 8 weeks. I was on crutches forever it seemed like and benifited when a friend let me use thier wheel chair. At about maybe 3 monthe I was put in a fracture boot and allowed to put weight on it. It was to painful and so it took another 2 months before I could walk without crutches. I am a year post-op now and cannot walk without my fracture boot. I have orthodic inserts that were made for me but using them gives no releif. I am however going back under the knife to re-do the surgery because I ended up in a non-fusion which is were they think all the pain is coming from. I still take meds for pain releif although they don't help as much as the narcotics I was on. I can tell you that walking on anything uneven is not good for me. It hurts bad but I don't know if that is from non-fusion or what? I have seen lots of people who this turns out well for though. they just don't post as often as the ones that have or had problems. There are lots of things to think about with this surgery but I am re-doing it in spite of what I went through because once they do it they remove the cartlige between the bone to be fused and that is really your only choice. I am very outdoorsy, I hunt, horseback ride, used to water ski, fish and love gardening. I have not riden in 2 1/2 years but that does not mean your wont be able to. I just figure you would want to know the bad senarios as well as the good because in my experience it pays to be prepared. I have had 2 kids by c-section and the pain after my surgery did not even compare, it was much worse than I thought it would be. I became depressed because I kind of take care of everything and I am very independant. I was not prepared for those feelings at all but my family is a good support system.
I hope some people who had a good outcome with this surgery post as well so you get to see both sides. I still think I would go through this again from the beginning if i could do it all over. In spite of my difficulties. Remember the ultimate decision is yours to make so just don't rush into it. Talk to all your family and friends as well as you doctor to get as much info as you can then sit down and really think about it. I did and I am still doing it again.
Keep us poated on what you decide......and God Bless You!!!!!!:angel:

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