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Re: Bunions
May 23, 2003
liltams - i'm getting my right foot done in ~2 weeks (june 5th to be exact). i'll continue to post updated photos throughout the recovery period.

during my left foot recovery, the doc kept my foot bandaged up - so i had to see him once a week so that he could change the dressing - and he took x-rays a few times, maybe twice. it wasn't until week 4 when he removed the pin could i see my foot bare everyday. after that i had to wear a splint though and continue wearing my blue post-op shoe - i think i was allowed back into regular shoes by post-op week 7 (pretty late compared to a lot of other people on this chatboard ) oh, and i still wear this bunion spacer between my big toe and 2nd toe. at least when i'm wearing closed toe shoes.

i'm disappointed that i'm gonna be stuck in a post-op shoe for the first 2 months of summer - but i know i'll be so happy when i can finally wear shoes with comfort.

actually my brother-in-law's sister had bunion surgery done over 10 years ago and she continues to wear high heels (and she works in a hospital so i now she's standing most of the day) and her bunions have not returned. pretty lucky. a few people have had it done at work (about 10 years ago also) and one lady always wear high heels - and she said hers were worst than mine, that her toes had crossed over. anyhow hers aren't back either. some people are just extremely lucky - never having to deal with bunions again. if mine come back, i hope that they're only mild (knock on wood)

are you gonna get the surgery done again anytime soon? if your foot is as bad as mine? right bunion has angle of 14 degrees. cause my doc says that the only way to correct it was surgery. (btw, left foot was 16 degrees.) anything over 13, pretty much requires surgery, i think. orthotics help realign your foot to keep it in proper alignment (boy that sounds simple yet stupid the way i wrote it...but i can't think of a better way to put it) i don't think it can fix your bunion miraculously or anything. i think i'm suppose to wear the orthos post surgery recovery to keep my feet in proper alignment to prevent/minimize the possibility of recurrance. okay, i've "chatted" on and on, so i'll sign off now.

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