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Just wondering if anyone has found a good over the counter med that works best after bunion surgery. I'm okay during the day but in the evening and in the night I'm getting electrical shock feelings and stinging feelings around where the bunion was and in my big toe. Am almost 4 weeks post op. Extra strength tylenol and advil don't seem to help. Tylenol 3 with codeine works but I'd rather not use it. It just seems to happen from about 7 PM to midnight and then it settles down and I can sleep - but really annoying in the evening. Has anyone tried Super Strength Motrin or anything else? Thanks for any tips.....
Alieve works good. Also ibuprofen works wonders for pain and swelling. I had a lot of pain after bunion and hammer toe surgery on my right foot due to the extensiveness of my surgery so I had percocet for severe pain and vicodin for mild to moderate pain. I had my surgery on June 9. Now I just take ibuprofen especially at night so that I can get a good nights sleep. I don't have much pain anymore but at times I have a lot of discomfort especially if I am feeling pretty good and get a little too active. Thank goodness I have 2 weeks to go and my pins come out on July 22 which should alleviate most if not all of the discomfort. I walk with a walker on the heel only. It is a nuissance and gets tiring but I don't do well on crutches. I

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