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Aug 23, 2003
back in march i had a problem with my right foot. It started sweeling on top of the foot below the toes and became red and sensitive. it got to the point when i couldnt walk without limping and then couldnt walk at all. after three weeks of this pain i went to three doctors, one being at the emergency room. but no one could tell me what was wrong, i didnt hurt it by hitting it and i didnt break it. so they assumed it was a sprain. i was givin pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication and after four days it disappeared. we think it was a blood clot that caused it. now im having problems again but with my big toe on that foot. on the tip of my big toe it's numb. i can tell if someones touching it but i can't feel anything. its been like that for a few days now and im starting to worry. any ideas?

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