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Re: Bunions
Aug 30, 2003
hello liltams again,just poped by to see how everone geting on,just to let u know i went to see a foot doc just for some advise about my feet and ho god i came out crying all tho the truth is the best, i was happy that day and went along for a kind of informall look at my poor feet,i was wearing a pair of ancal boots faily old that has streched to the shape of my bunions so they are cumfey even tho they have 4.5" heels, the doctor was female about 30 ish and very nice we chated and then she took a look at my feet when i took off my boots ,ho man she said look at those bunions there massive and tailors bunions too, she picked up my right foot and looked at my soles and pointed out how fat my big toe has moved over and said about the amount of callouse i have under my big toe joints, becase i was there early she had time to remove some corns that i had on my 5th and 2nd toes all the time i was with her i felt so embarased becase she said my feet are so bad and iv got so many other problems apart from just bunions and corns,we chated about my foot wear a fair bit as she seamed to think thats where the problem is!, she checked my legs also identified that im suffering from tendinitus also a shortening of my tendons ,thats the reason i cant walk flat footed with out pain,also she pointed out i have very high arches that are stiff in that position from the bones that make up my arch in the foot fused together in a very over pronated high arch all in all she said i have so many problems with my feet its going to be a long road to recovery if i have operations to correct the problems and im now very scared,the only good thing she told me is that my feet are at the stage now that she thinks if my pain is ok i would beable to live with my feet problems as it looks like they have formed the way there going to be,i guess im the unlucky one but as im here writing this iv just got in from a 6hr shift in shoes that i have to wear for work 4" courts and my feet feels ok apart from a bit of stinging from my callouse,ho well thats me done with im just running a bath so im off now good luck and chat soon frome eme .

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