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I took narcotics for the first 3 months after surgery, though like you, was taking them significantly less, if at all. You'll probably wean yourself off them completely at some point in the near future. Everyone's pain level and threshhold is different, so do what works for you and don't feel bad or like you're not where you should be.

The twitching is part of the swelling and healing...but in my case it wasn't painful. I also had tingly sensations especially at night, nerve related. My pinky toe and the 4th toe were numb and as the feeling came back (still getting it back in the 4th toe), it felt weird, not painful, but just hard to describe. Are you back at work now? How is it getting around? Using the scooter or crutches? I "liked" the fiberglass cast much better than the splint too...the splint has plaster casting in it, which explains why it's so heavy! One thing I found helpful was to use some gentle exfoliating scrub on my toes and what little of my foot was sticking out of the cast every few days. The skin will get dry, peely, etc. and this helps prevent that. I also lotioned up pretty well at night. The skin on your foot is like a baby's butt once the cast comes off and the dry peely stuff goes away. Very sensitive and soft, no calluses or anything. Even 9 months later, the skin is considerably softer than the other foot. How did it feel when they did the nerve block (the procedure itself)...painful/uncomfortable? How long did yours last after surgery?

I'm just a few weeks away from surgery and that butterflies feeling is starting. I know what I'm in for, so that helps, and I want to get it over with, but it's still no fun to think about!

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