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I am in Florida, USA. Absolutely need either a chilectomey or a fusion of the 1st metatarsal. Bad arthritis at that joint AND at the joint in mid of the toe. I am paying for this out of my own pocket and would love to have a ball park figure for the surgery.- since it will probably be most of my savings I need to know. Assuming no grafts or anything. My doc's office wont even ball park it for me before appointment. The prob is that I dont want to spend 300 for appointment and new x rays- I'm not a wealthy man nor do i have insurance. I already got x rays elsewhere and through my research, surely know I need one or the other- spurs are very obvious as is the arthritis. Stage 3 rigidus. Im 44 yr old male and am extremely sports active (running- 6-10 mi per day was norm, basketball, racketball etc) so I was thinking fusion with what Ive read here and elsewhere. ALL REPLIES are DEEPLY appreciated regarding costs.

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