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I had a chevron/austin bunionectomy on January 9, 2008. My doctor's post op care involved NWB for at least four weeks and partial WB for the following two.
At my two week check up, the xrays showed that the bone that had been broken and had the screwed placed in it was healing well and we were hoping that if all remained the same that I could possibly start a little WB in another two weeks. Unfortunately, in about the first of week three, I managed to hit the top of my foot on the under side of my desk twice in one day. I knew that it hurt pretty bad when I did it but had no idea until the four week check up that the screw had become misaligned and the bone had chipped.
My doctor felt that if I kept the toe/foot immobile and remained NWB for another two weeks, that it might heal.
Last weekend I kept noticing that my foot was staying this awful purple, red, brown, blue color and the swelling was worse than it had been since the surgery. I went to see her for my six week check up this past Tuesday and after looking at my foot and the xray, she said that the screw was misaligned to the point that it was not allowing my bone to fuse back together.
I will be going back in this upcoming Monday to have the screw realigned. I will be NWB for at least another four weeks.
People keep asking me if the surgery was worth it and I tell them that at this time it would not be fair to give an answer. I have had issues with my ankle (same foot) over the last six or so years and had three surgeries on it so I am use to being "down" and I understand that sometimes you simply can't predict the outcome of surgery. Hopefully I will be able to give people a positive answer in regards to the outcome of the surgery in a few months.
To add to the fun I've had with this, three weeks after surgery, my husband decided to start putting down hard wood floors in our house. For the past three weeks, the only furniture in our house has been in the bedrooms. This means that the only place I have to lay or sit is in bed. Not to mention that I have an obstacle course to go through on crutches to get back and forth around the house. Three days after we (mostly he and my son) moved the furniture out, I started getting sick and went to the doctor a week later - found out that I had pneumonia.
I know God doesn't put more on you than you handle, but we are getting really close here........I think I need to start living better :)

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