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Hi, Black Kat~ A week after surgery, I was still off my feet, elevating (and icing) 24 hours a day except for short trips around the house. Swelling at that point is very normal. I only had adjustable velcro sandle-type shoes-- Is your boot also adjustable?-- And if not, could it be too tight?

I'm all for the idea of getting back on one's feet and regaining flexibility as soon as possible, but three days post-surgery seems like an extremely short amount of time for resting and elevating them. Would you consider spending a day or two on the couch with your foot up (and icing at least occasionally) and see if you still need the Vicodin? Do you have to wear the boot when you're not on your feet?

Going back to work just a week after a bunionectomy would be pretty ambitious for most people. (Actually, to be honest, for just about everyone I've ever known of!) It seems like almost everyone who has bunion surgery needs at least two weeks before doing a significant amount of weight bearing and walking. (I have to say there was a huge difference between the 7th day post-surgery and the 14th for me-- I started really walking at the two week point.) My guess is that you're doing too much, but obviously you should clarify with your doctor. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding and his/her idea of starting to walk might mean taking ten steps one day and a twelve the next? If there was no confusion, I'd consider getting a second opinion.

Best wishes!
Hi again, Black Kat~

Glad to be of help. Hope you start feeling better soon.

My pain seemed to be aggravated by swelling (especially when it caused pressure on the nerves), so the more I minimized that, the better I felt. (Resting, icing, elevating, and using anti-inflammatories-- I also had those stretchy elastic bandages.) I think I was fine with just occasional over-the-counter stuff like Ibuprofin after about ten days. I've never seen one of the boots, although I've heard about them on this board-- What is the purpose?-- Is it to minimize swelling or keep your foot from bending? How long will you wear it? I didn't wear anything on my feet at night (except the bandages) and at my doctor's advice, stopped wearing the surgical sandals after two weeks. (Switched to wide gym shoes) I don't know if I mentioned that I had both feet done at the same time. It worked very well for me. I was ([I]minimally[/I]) weight-bearing from the beginning and walked more and more every day after the two-week point. (I made it around the block by 4 weeks and could walk about a mile by 8 weeks.) Even after I was pretty much back to normal, for several months I would try to elevate my feet when I had the chance. I think the best advice my doctor gave me was to "Listen to your feet." It was pretty easy for me to tell when I had pushed myself too much-- walked too fast, too far, with too long a stride, etc. I think the key for me was to be brave, but careful. Try not to be afraid to bend the toes, put weight on the foot, etc. when it's time, but don't push it beyond what the doctor-- or you foot-- tells you is right.

My stitches were disposable, so removal was not an issue. (BTW, my scars are now almost invisible!) Some people say it was nothing for them; others find it a bit painful. I've had stitches-- and staples-- removed from other places; a couple of times I "prepared" by taking pain pills beforehand, but to be honest, I'm not sure that it really made any difference. I've found it can be unpleasant, but it was never truly painful for me.

Hope you have a good weekend with a great book to read, DVD to watch, or friend to visit!

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