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Re: Lisfranc Injury
Apr 15, 2008
Hi. Really nice to read BethSmith story about her lisfranc recovery.

Now here's mine. . .I fell in June of 2006, and found I had a lisfranc fracture
(2nd and 3rd metatarsals, dislocation, tissue and ligament damage). But I didn't want surgery and drs. said it was a 50-50 chance I'd heal without it. So, I opted for no surgery. I was non-weight-bearing, then boot, then phys. therapy. . .but within 6 months (!!) I'd developed post-traumatic arthritis. Last Nov. I had surgery. 7 screws were put in, and I went through the whole thing again. . .no weight-bearing, black boot, and I'm in physical therapy now. . .

It's been over 5 months for me since the surgery. I still get swelling, but not half as bad as at the beginning. The top of my foot is still tender, especially on one incision site (I had two); but again, not like it was, so that's good. But. . .when I step on my foot I get pain in the ball of the foot, up into the big toe. My big toe hurts, a sharp, stabbing pain, with every step. And, I have a sharp pain up from the arch toward that incision site. I see my foot surgeon again next week and see what he thinks. I have a picture of my xray and it shows 3 of the 7 screws are in that big toe metatarsal. Hmmm.

I have to say the foot is better than it was, but I can't yet stand long, or walk long. I don't think I could run if my life depended on it! I want to get back to normal!!! Anybody out there with a similar recovery tale to tell? Is there light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

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