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:mad::mad::mad:I am soooooooooooo fed up!!! I am sooooo done with this doctor!!! I don't think I"ll be going back...and she can forget that I'll be doing the other foot. It's got to be falling off before I get that one worked on. mad....furious....

Would you believe her response today was...."Let's just see what happens." Not kidding.

I've been having recurring pain in the foot at night...something that hasn't happened in a while. I've had aching, burning, throbbing, that has woken me out of a dead sleep for several hours. When I put my weight full on my foot I get a horrible tearing and burning sensation from the top of the second toe all the way down and across the top of my foot to below where the bunion was. Didn't ever have that.

Her response to that was "You are going to have that pain now forever because of the scar tissue.":(

I mean, it isn't like I haven't been telling her that my big toe is still pulling left and the second toe is pulling towards the big toe. It isn't like I haven't been telling her that I scar horribly...been telling her prior to the surgery and after as well. She jokes about how bad my scarring is and how she never thought I was telling her the truth!:(:( Now all of a sudden I'm going to have searing burning/tearing pain in my foot forever because of that scar tissue?!?!?!

Excuse me while I go throw a few things........

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