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Hello All,

I came across these boards surfing the net for information on this procedure along with the tendon transfer I am now in for...

A little bit about me--I'm a 50 year old woman (where DID the time go?) who smokes and is somewhat overweight (where DID the body go?) My small and sad tale involves a tibial tendon repair in March '07 after a small tear was discovered on an MRI. Following this procedure, I began to have severe lateral ankle pain. My podiatrist told me it hurt because I was limping. I've had bunion surgery on the other foot in the past, as well as a removal of a neuroma from the bottom of that same foot. Since I didn't have a history of malingering, I couldn't understand why he said this. I changed doctors.

My next podiatrist told me that a sta-peg implant in the ankle would solve my problem, and I went for it wholeheartedly, as the pain had all but ruined my ability to even shop at the grocery store for any extended period. Taking my grandchildren to the zoo was out of the question. I had that procedure done in December of '07 after months of conservatve treatment which included "therapy" and orthotics. Afterwards, my insurance company refused to pay for the surgery even after a formal appeal: "The medical efficacy of this procedure has not been established" So then, I was out $5000 I did not have, and began having achilles tendon pain, calf cramping, arch pain, and all of the other delightful symptoms I've seen described on these boards.

I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon who informed me that my flat foot deformity had been too advanced for the implant, and that the first doctor didn't do enough to treat the flat foot. I have already lost a year and a half of my life to left ankle pain, which came on out of the blue. I could not believe the procedure he described to me. But on these boards, I find that a lot of people have survived it...

I've been reading the comments and am totally afraid of the pain (the bunion surgery was pretty bad in the short term--can anyone compare the two?) and am somewhat disheartened at the recovery time. A year? Really??

Can anyone comment on the knee caddy as opposed to a wheelchair? It seems painful to think of a foot bouncing around behind me on a scooter. As you may have surmised, I am not an athlete. While I may not be in the sunset of my life, it is getting dusky, and I'm not as strong as I once was. Go figure. I work in a huge office building where going to the bathroom is a chore in a wheelchair, simply because of the distance I need to travel to get there; I've done it. I wonder if the knee caddy would be easier. It looks pretty wierd though, and I've never personally seen one. Is it practical? Can I withstand my "friends" laughter?

How long have people typically needed to be off of work? I do have a desk job, but distance is a factor in moving around. I would not want to be on any heavy pain meds at work. I'm a supervisor, and need to at least appear to be a capable employee. While supervisors are allowed a certain latitude in terms of acting psychotic (haven't you all had at least one supervisor who was?) I don't want to find myself unemployed either.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found these boards, if not ecstatic at the description of the complexity of this surgery, and the PAIN and RECOVERY TIME involved. Any responses/suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Honesty is especially appreciated!!

Thanks for reading.

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