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hello all. i havent really been able to get to a computer until now. monday june 16 i saw the pod surgeon. i was very impressed, he spent much time answering questions and explaining. however, i hardly slept that night, because he strongly recommended i NOT have the neuroma surgery. he basically confirmed what i had suspected about my 'new' orthotics (which were made by a technician not a doctor) that they were horrible and not protecting my foot at all. he showed me his type of orthotic which i have never seen before and has the perfectly rounded section which is meant to relieve the pressure of bones on the neuroma. so i went with his suggestion, and he is making new orthotics. as for the bunion, he did an austin procedure (a sort of chevron cut). i really hesistated over the decision because i thought this was the end of my neuroma problems. now i must wait. like he said, he makes far more money if he did the surgery, but assured me he has had patients who were helped avoid surgery with a proper orthotic. so i am praying. and i have not 'driven' anywhere. my dad drove me up for surgery so i could keep my foot up on 45 minute drive to his place. surgery was tuesday, the office isnt open friday, so he is changing my dressing on monday. then i will drive home, possibly drive half way 4 hours, then motel and finish trip second day. then two weeks later (3 weeks post op) return to get the pin out. stitches are supposed to come out 10 days post op, he said i could get that done in my town. i have been trying to keep my foot up most of day with ice. he said only put the cold packs on the ankle, not the foot. i am a little worried about a non podiatrist taking out the stitches lest it bother the pin, but i realize i worry too much. will do what the doc says. i am going to have one strong right leg though from all the stairs. i am sleeping in basement.

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