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Hi all,
I started having burning pain in my inner ankle back in November. I've been to several doctors, had two MRIs, CT, bone scan, and while there was some bone "activity" I still don't have a diagnosis or solution. And now I have it in my other ankle as well.

I had the cortisone shot into my ankle joint almost two weeks ago.
Unfortunately, it didn't change my pain at all.

I just wondered if you guys could humor a few questions from me about
my symptoms. I go back to the doctor on Friday.

My inner ankle usually feels not so much painful in the morning, but
just "different." It's almost like a feeling of fullness.

It's not until later in the day, after I've been on it, that I start to get this deep burning sensation. It's almost like having a sunburn on the inside.

Generally it does not hurt to put pressure on it/stand. It's usually that burning pain after the fact that does me in.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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