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Re: Losing hope
Jul 2, 2008
I was just intrigued by your story and wanted to comment. I've been dealing with extreme and crippling nerve pain in my feet for over a year now, and just went through my second surgery on one foot for what is thought to be tarsal tunnel. I developed the pain from running. It began in the bottom of my right foot and then somehow traveled over to my left foot. It began as pain in my arch and now has evolved to extreme needle-like pain and burning in the bottom of my feet and inner ankle. I have a hard time standing and walking, as well as pain at rest. I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and treated incorrectly for that, and finally ended up with the tarsal tunnel diagnosis and underwent surgery after seeing multiple doctors. After the first surgery my pain was even worse, and I was referred to a specialist for a "re-do" surgery which I had two weeks ago. The specialist said that if the second surgery didn't work, I probably don't have tarsal tunnel and I have some mystery condition that has yet to be discovered. I have been so depressed and have such a hard time dealing with the constant pain and drastic change in lifestyle I just don't know what to do. I'm on 900mg of neurotin per day which doesn't do much for the pain, and take Vicodin as needed. I'm 27 years old, a former runner and now I can't even walk, and I'm so scared that this is something I'll have to deal with for life. I've never heard of RSD before, and this was never mentioned by any doctor I've seen. Reading about your story has made me wonder if that's what I have. I can completely sympathize with your pain, and hope you've found an answer by now! I'd love to hear the outcome, take care!!

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