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Stitch Abscess??
Jul 22, 2008
My recovery seems to progressing well but a new issue has literally popped up. I'm ten wks post-op double bunionectomy/osteotomy on the right foot. About two weeks ago I noticed a pea sized bump at the end of my first metarsal suture scar. I know my scars, so I'm sure this bump wasn't there all along. I haven't returned to my pod yet because someone suggested the bump may be a subcutaneous stitch abscess. Apparently the "internal" stiches disolve, but sometimes a stitch doesn't and eventually moves to the skin surface. The abscess should resolve itself after coming to a head. This hasn't happened yet. Has anyone any thoughts about this new development and how long it may take to resolve? It is only tender to firm pressure. The rest of my scar is mostly numb, but not at all tender.
I don't know if this will help but my scar was still opening up on the end that I think was where the initial knot was made....still opening at 6 months. That particular spot is hard and raised and continues to get irritated and then open up and drain.

Peeshaw:p to the docs who told me it takes 12 weeks for the "dissolvable" sutures to dissolve....

After it finally comes open it just drains and drains and then deflates....wish it would quit.....
Oh my! I guess I feel better about my bump. Did your doctor use dissolvable sutures inside and out? Is it the internal stitches erupting that is causing your wound to open? My external sutures were removable and taken out at 10 days. The skin over the bump is smooth, and I can move the skin across the "node". My pod discharged me three weeks ago because I was doing well. I called my insurance and was told I would need to return to my PCP which is fine with me.
i also wound up with a bump from dissolving stitches. since i did not go back to that dr, i never asked what it was. it never hurt or bothered me so i left it alone. had that surgery worked, i know i would have asked about the bump.
Did your bump go away? I'll be calling my PCP tomorrow. Hopefully he can take care of it. It gets irritated if there is friction on it. Everything else is fine, so I'd like not to have pain because of this, though I'm grateful not have experienced any major problems.
my bump never did go away and it never irritated me. now my foot is bandaged so i cant see, my stitches will come out next wednesday so i will be able to tell.
I'm seeing my PCP on Friday, then I'm flying out of state on Saturday. If it stays like it is now, I shouldn't have a problem. I just don't want the stitch to break through the skin when I'm gone, if it is an abscess. Good luck with the stitch removal and the unveiling of your foot.
i dont think your stitch will break through. thank you for your thoughts. are you going anywhere good?
I'm going to my home town, Ann Arbor in Michigan for my, gulp, 30th High School reunion. How I got this old is a mystery to me. My shoes for the dressy affair have a quarter inch heel, whooo whooo. Actually it should be a lot of fun. Thanks for your responses, I'm really stumpted about this bump. I see my PCP early tomorrow morning. Then I'm off to get a mani-pedi, which tells you my foot is doing pretty well overall but it definitely needs the beauty treatment.
I know you wrote after about your broken bone; but what was recommendation re:bump. I believe you said it was calcium deposit. My bone site feels more tender and red as I am doing more. I see Doc on Monday and know you are away this wkend but was curious as to what you were told.
THe bump has been concerning me; although, I find unfortunately every knew form of recovery concerns me. I struggle between "doing" and "resting".
and by the way -- you are a youngin. I am nearing my 35th high school anniversary.

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