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On sep 11 it will be 2 months since my bunion surgery, I thought i was the only one with pain on the side of my foot, It hurts so bad sometimes it is almost impossible to walk. I still cannot put on a sneaker yet. I tryed to wear my sandle today, It hurts to have anyting rub against or lay on the scar from my bunion surgery? Has anyone had a problem like this? I put gauze over my scar to help ease the pain, I work at an elementary school therefore I am on my feet allday long. I have been wearing my surgical shoe, But being on my feet with the shoe hurt my heel because on top of all my other foot problems I have a really bad heel spur, So by the timw I get home from work I really cant do to much because the side of my foot hurts so bad I cant walk, Not to mentiion the spur on the bottom of my heel. So if anyone has advice for me that would be great. Thanks

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