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Hi Everyone,
Hi Everyone, 7/19 injury, 7/31 surgery. (11 screws, 1 plate) 9/17 cleared FWB, no crutches 2 weeks later. FWB in shoes now for 9 weeks.

ALex, One correction to your last statement, 20 lbs, not 20% is equal to resting your foot on the floor.

I'm glad to hear we are having some of the same issues. Same soreness, same swelling etc...My foot looks normal in the am except for slight swelling around the ankles. My toes look normal and I can see tendons, veins my skin again. I am still Black & blue on the inside just below my ankle.

You are right, it's more mental than physical at this point. Telling myself to walk normally....As my leg and foot tire I fall back into the limp that I love so much....NOT...

I did got for a 15 mile bike ride today and felt great. My buddy even said after, I'd never have known you broke your heel....I'm getting there. Hope to swim this coming Tuesday morning and add that to my workouts twice a week.

Thanks Joe for confirming that B&B spot on your foot. Also, I agree 100% and forgot the doc told me the same thing. If you start WBing too soon, you can and probably will develop hairline fractures not only in your heel but other bones in your foot. Please use caution Hank.

Hank, can I suggest calling the doc and asking why a cast and not a boot? This doesn't flow with everyone else's recovery. I think you will be limited to what kind of exercises you can do in a hard cast. At least a boot, you can remove it and do ROM stuff. Clean it....soak it etc.....Or you can inisist you have a boot. It won't hurt to ask.

Lie on your back, feet on the floor, knees bent and raise your bad foot and extend it straight out. This will help the quad. You can add legs weights as needed and as you get stronger. Lie on your side and do the same, extended leg and raise the leg up and then back down. In a cast you really can't much more than that I'm afraid.

Keith, good work on the ROM measures. The doc is correct, most of us have negative numbers when we go to PT. I think those who cheat before going to PT and pro-active in their recovery do better with ROM sooner.

AS for toes? I am seeing progress my foot muscles get stronger. I can really scrunch them under and almost pick up a pencil or golf ball again.

Pins & Needles are good Keith, telling you the nerves are coming back to life. I still get them 17 weeks post op. I still have fluid bubbles that build in my heel too, they pop from time to time too.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone.

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