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Hi there Steve.

Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

My right foot is now painful most of the time. I guess now, its got to the stage where it needs to be fixed.:( I'm a little concerned with my left foot also. The bump above my big toe, doesn't really seem to have gone down. I'm wondering if my doc didn't take enough off it. Are your bumps completely gone now, or do you think it could just be scar tissue?:confused: I didn't really get to ask about it, as he was more concerned to get my right foot corrected. My husband said get that one sorted out first and let my left foot have a chance to heal. Maybe he's right. I really don't think I can have both feet done again. Especially as I may need to be non-weight bearing after this second op? Even I can't fly!!

We too have had our fair share of hospitals. My husband had a really bad work accident just over 2 years back. His left leg was sliced open by a ton of sheet metal (he works in a factory). His Achilles Tendon was severed and he was in a cast boot for 5 months and off work for nearly 10 months. Luckily he was paid as the accident was the firms fault. Of course now, we are claiming compensation for the accident, but its taking forever! Then he got Kidney stones for the second time, so he was in and out of hospital for treatment of that. So now its mine turn for hospital trips!!

I got my UGLY shoes from a company called Hotter. They do have mens shoes. Not sure if they ship abroad, but you could try.

Yes there are loads of companies going under in this country too. Redundancies all over. Not good news.

Your sister sounded lucky with her op. I guess by the time this is all over I will also appreciate what I've had done. I don't regret it, but its just taking longer than expected.

Well done with the bike ride. Must have looked quite funny with the dog trotting along beside you!!

I see my own GP tonight and tell him the news. My sicknote for work runs out next week so I'll have to insist I stay seated and not be on my feet. My op is not for another 8 weeks at the very most, so I can't be off till then and then even more once I've had the op. They'll be sacking me otherwise!

Anyway, speak soon. It's always nice to hear from you. A fellow sufferer!! So I don't get bored by hearing your tales!

All the best, Julie
Sorry for the delay, Julie! Busy this week, and too tired to stay on the internet much. So hi! :wave:

Hmmm, bumps gone? Let me look... yes, I have to say that they are. They actually look like my long lost feet again! I don't think we're supposed to have scar tissue. Have you been doing any stretching exercises on them? I have one to two times daily, as I was told to do. It seems to have helped with mobility so maybe that has something to do with it. Not assumining you haven't, but if not it's just a thought. Your husband may be right. You may just need more time for the swelling to go down. Do you still have lots of swelling at the front of the foot? Mine is almost gone. Just a 50 cent peice size swelling around the incision. Oh, uh, 1.5 inches. Oh, still no good. 3 centimeters or so. :dizzy: Oh c'mon, surely you can fly! Didn't you ever watch The Flying Nun when you were a kid? Or did they have American TV shows there then... or now?

WOW!!! Is your hubby's leg back to normal now?! It seems like that would do [I]major[/I] life-long damage to have that tendon severed. I bet that was seriously painful! Oh, and kidney stones. I've known people who've had those. Rough! Poor guy. Hospital stays and surgeries stink! I've had 6 or 7 total now in my lifetime and I'm [I]sick [/I]of hospitals! The thought of having to stay overnight in one makes me want to run away as far as I can, no matter how bad of shape I'm in! Luckily this was out patient. I do have to say, though, that I was sleeping so good in the recovery room that I begged the nurse to let me stay! She kicked me out, of course. :p Was your's an overnight stay?

I just found the Hotter website. The men's shoes look like something my 86 year old dad would wear!! Well, not all of em. The women's look much better than the men's! I don't know how to translate pounds into dollars, do you? I've seen people mention these MBT Rocker shoes and I had never seen them nor heard of them. I got a new Bicycling magazine today (I'm a cyclist, if I haven't mentioned that) and it actually has an ad for them! Tells what the benefits are, and it's pretty convincing. Supposed to take a lot of stress off of your knees and hips and give you more energy in your legs. The sole is shaped like a rocking chair bottom and looks as though it doesn't flex at all. Probably be really good for you, as that's supposed to be a big benefit for what we had done.

I hope you will not regret what you had done. My sister's was minor, I'm sure, compared to yours and mine. It's just gonna take us longer to heal. I hiked on trails with the dog the other day and went 3.5 miles, or 5.632704 kilometers (I looked up the exchange on Wikipedia!) and did very well up to the last kilometer or so. Painful! You know, what's funny is that I worked out with weights and used a bike trainer (stationary bike, more or less) today for the first time since my surgery and my feet felt a LOT better this afternoon. I expected the opposite. Maybe you should try some mild weight exercises or something similar (for your body overall, not on the feet!). I'm sure the neighborhood people that saw me with the dog and the bike last weekend thought I was crazy!! :dizzy:

So have you gone back to work yet?

Nice to hear from you, too, so I'll be looking forward to you next story from the trenches!

Take care!
Steve :)

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