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Broken calcaneous
Feb 13, 2009
On January 16, 2009 I slipped on the ice and fell on my right ankle/foot. Broke 3 bones and broke my heel bone in several pieces. Don't even weigh that much either, my OS said I landed it on it the worst way I could have. He said this injury is usually caused from a fall from a ladder, mountain climbing, fall off a roof, etc. Plus I'm only the second case he's had. I had surgery and he put in 9 screws and a plate. Have a screw that goes from front to back (something to do with holding the heel place), which the OS said he had never had to do that before. Never got to see my x-rays yet. All I was told is that I had a very severe injury and had to be non weight bearing for 2 months. Just found this message board and was wondering if anyone could share their experience/recovery time and what I can expect. Have to hop around with a walker. Did get a wheel chair so I could go out and at least live a little. I feel for everyone who has had this happen to them, and I now have a new respect for the handicapped and a new lease on life. Luckily, I have a great husband who's had to do practically everything and hasn't complained about it yet. I'm expecting to get out of this cast and then run around the block, but from what people tell me and what I read it's not going to be that easy. I see my doctor again in two weeks so hopefully I can get more information from him then. He's not saying much, is probably waiting to see how I heal and go from there. Plus like I said, he's only had one other case. Any information any one could give me will be much appreciated. Thanks so much. Fitzcor

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