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Re: Fracture
Mar 29, 2009
[QUOTE=Lineman12;3936538]Thanks Ed, the flat fix kit is on the list for today. Right now I'm just pavement pounding, no woods or offroad yet. I can barely walk 20 feet, let alone 2 miles. Shooting has always been a hobby of mine, so it was very nice to get out. Photography is also a hobby, now that the Doc will let me drive I can return to that also.

I have taken on learning to play the guitar also, really helps the time tick away. It is also something in life I wanted to do, no better time than now, I have all the free time in the world! It is also very soothing for me, I love music, so learning to actually play it myself is great.

Lovnlif100 - Yes I can stop on one foot for a short period, so this actually keeps me moving, can't really stop long. Riding makes me feel like I have accomplished an obsticle. My friends say I'm crazy, but thats not the first time I have heard that!!
Staying inside will make you crazy.

Stay positive everyone, there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.[/QUOTE]
Hello everyone from Sue Bear

My son is had his snow skiing accident 5 weeks ago and the surgery on his calcaneous nearly 5 weeks ago. The surgery was done in Reno NV by two guys we were most fortunate to have as our surgeons. All those following case here at home (os, radiologist) all comment about the beautiful job the surgeons did reconstructing the heel.

It has been a long 5 wks very painful for my son (14 yo) as you all well know the pain. It has broken our hearts (me his dad and 3 siblings). His worst pain as he also had a fractured femur, one fractures vertebrae and a fractured zygoma has been his foot dealing with sharp burning pain that comes and goes. The worst of them have stopped and now he describes the pain as an almost constant irritation mostly to the toes and the ball of his foot. We have been told it is nerve pain due to the trauma more likely from the fermur fracture. Whatever elevation and ice seem to help the most.

He returned to school this last week after nearly 4 weeks out. He is on crutches and actually doing very well. He is healing beautifully and is doing a little better mentally since he is seeing more of his friends. His passion is baseball and it is killing him not to be able to play. He is thinking he will be able to get into the game before the season ends but I know better. Ill let time tell him not me. My prayer is that he will be well enough to play next year. If he continues to heal at this rate I can't imagine why he couldn't.

He is doing no formal PT as os says do it on his own. We he begins to bear weight (around the first of May) maybe they will prescribe PT.??

This has been the most emotional thing our family has ever faced. We are just so happy he is here and healing so well.

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