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surgery didn't work? Was there improvement with the second procedure or just more of a mess created?>

It has been almost three years (July 06) since I had my bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery on my 2nd toe on the right foot (as in right side, not as in right/wrong :-).

I started noticing a recurving back in and toe shifting about 3 months after surgery when the big toe started curving in again and the 2nd toe was moving on top of the third toe (reversing its original position on top of the big toe).

I've been putting off the 2nd surgery due to recovery time, looking for a doctor who has done a successful 2nd surgery like mine, and the need for bunion surgery on the other foot.

You can read more about my journey at And I'd love to hear your results if and when you do it.

Best wishes!

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