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I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. From your first post, it sounded like your bunion/joint issue was of moderately severe to severe degree (from what your surgeon was planning to do) But you ended up with a simple bunionectomy only. I completely agree with half step, you need to get a copy of your medical records from this unprofessional doctor and record everything single details of your attempts and difficulties.
I don't understand how going to PT will help with your loose screw. I am not a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon although I have a medical background, I don't think the loose screw is going to screw itself back down and proper with PT, in fact, PT may just aggravate your symptoms?!
From your description of your toes continue to bend to one side (original position unchanged), additional procedure is usually required ie akin osteotomy to better align your toes after the bunion osteotomy. This sounded like malpractice but unfortunately you need evidence to go that route. ie statements from the staff in the OR, second opinion (therefore must have medical record from first). I sympathize with your financial difficulties and that you are trying to get the insurance to pay, but your feet may not be able to wait that long for you to go through that channel. Remember: Your feet are priceless! Even if you have to get a loan to get the ball rolling, it may be in your best interest. May be a second opinion can help straigthen out your nightmare sooner.
I just had a Scarf osteotomy bilateral. My surgeon informed me that Akin may be necessary to straighten the big toes, but he will make the final decision during surgery. At the end, he didn't do Akin as he thought that the bend was very mild (after he did the Scarf, he assessed how the big toe looked) and more of a cosmetic issue and not worth the risk of the additional procedure. So I am currently in bed with my feet always elevated to keep the swelling down.
I wish you the best of luck and able to sort this out at the earliest possible time.

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