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I am new here and am looking for info on sesamoid surgery and bunion surgery. I have had pain in the ball of my foot for about a year, saw the Doc, and he gave me arch support inserts to try to relieve pressure off of the ball of the foot. Tried this for about 2 months - no help. My foot Doc said the cortisone shots don't usually help in this area and normal treatment for a fractured sesamoid is the insert (It actually makes mine feel worse) or the surgery. He did X-rays and said mine looks a bit dark and may be dead or dying - he gave the option of an MRI to see exactly what is going on in there, but since he will have to remove it anyway to relieve the pain, I can choose not to pay the extra hundreds of dollars for the MRI. I think I'll save my $$$ and just let him see whats going on when he opens it up. My X-rays also showed a smallish bunion (not as big as I have seen on the Doctors wall photos) that he feels will get worse after the sesamoid is removed, so he wants to repair that at the same time. I would rather he only open my foot up once instead of now and 2 years from now. I wonder if I will get a Buy one Get One free deal! Has anyone had these two procedures done at the same time? Is recovery time going to be longer and what is the recovery time estimate on either one of these? Any Pre-Op or Post-Op advice? Thanks

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