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Hi, apologies in advance for 'poaching' this thread (haven't navigated where you start a new one), but I'm a little concerned about my right foot...and Titchou - I recall your helpful notes from previous discussion threads.

I'm 37. I had my 3rd cheilectomy (on both big toes) on 4/11/09. The previous 2 occasions it appears I did not start my mobilisation exercises quickly enough. Apparently the surgeon thinks that my body repairs itself very (very quickly) - which in a way is a good thing - hence the previous operations were not particulary successful (although my toe joint pain has reduced and I could wear sandals/ shoes after 2-3 weeks with virutally no pain). On the advice of my surgeon - I thought I'd give the procedure one last time. Oh dear. I was advised to start mobility exercises from day 3 to reduce likelihood of stiffness occuring and raise mobility. I did this.

My left big toe is painful(ish) but not too bad (don't need painkillers and not using anti-inflammatories), am full weight bearing and doing my exercises. Increased mobility has not happened. It's about half what it should be.

HOWEVER, my right foot is a whole different ball game. I have had an internal infection (after about 6th day), am on antibiotics, and I cannot fully weight bear. When I try there's like a crunching feeling over the right hand side (inner side) of my big toe joint that feels weird and slightly painful. I am now worrying myself stupid thinking it could be a bit of bone/ gristle/ whatever that's got stuck/lodged there - and was not noticed and removed by the sutgeon. Is this a likelihood? Am I being over cautious/worried? Anyone with any suggestions on what I can do/ should do to help. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow since the op, and I'm getting seriously worried (and climbing the walls with cabin fever). HELP!!! PLEASE!!

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