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THANKS for that quick response!.... Glad to hear your major complaint seems to be crankiness and cabin fever - not major pain or complications etc.... may I recommend Project Runway? They have 4 seasons on DVD now.... Also - House - again, 5 seasons on DVD.... Hugh Laurie as the crankiest, rudest doctor in the world is somehow very refreshing....

And for me? Honestly - given what I do for a living - lying down for an extended period of time sounds FABULOUS....

When you say your foot "feels awesome" now - what does that mean? Before the surgery were you in pain 100 percent of the time - even sitting/lying down, and that that pain is gone now except for the after effects of the surgery? Because I don't have pain if I'm sitting down keeping my feet still.... Only when I walk, wiggle my toes, etc....

How long has your surgeon told you that you must be ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY NON-weight bearing so the fusion will "take"? Are you on crutches? Have they given you a walking boot? How is that working?

Have you been able to see your what your foot looks like yet? Like I say - when my surgeon showed me the angle he was going to fuse my toe at - it looked like it would be sort of popping up when I was just standing on it and the rest of the toes and foot were down.... I really really like sandals.....

Finally - I can't find anyone in my area (I am sort of rural) that's had this done that I can talk to - were the people you talked to really active? Because my greatest fear is that my movement will be tremendously limited..... What I teach is not dance - but it might as well be it is so movement-oriented - and yoga is a major portion of my life. This is why I had the hemi implant done on the right one first - but that was a disaster, so....

Thank you thank you thank you for your input - finding this message board has been my only opportunity to actually talk to anyone who's had this done....

up in the pacific northwest....

Not at all certain that this will be of any value but its worth a shot.

In considering a solution for your "great toe" 1st MP it is important to keep in mind your chosen surgeons training and background. Surgeons are just people who do some things better than others. In addition, surgeons typically do things they way they were trained during residency or fellowship. It is doubtful that an Orthopod will do anything but a fusion as it is "GOLD STANDARD" A DPM is a which pick some fuse and others use implants... implants can be defined as anything that goes in and stays in the patient. Examples include, Hemi resurfacing on either side of the joint (not both) depending on disease. Flexiible hinge implants which allow for flexion/extension of the joint. In some patients a graft can be used as an alternative to a metal implant for the purposes of resurfacing. This should allow for decrease in pain, smooth articulation and good ROM (typically human dermis).

Fusion is accomplished any number of ways.
1. Fusion plate (locking, non-locking)
2. Internal Fixation with screws (crossed at or about joint line)
3. External Fixator (rail, Micro/mini) combined with half pins for fixation

Bottom line: if you respect your doc don't ask them to do anything they are not comfortable with. The enemy of good is better!
If you don't like the solution or it doesn't met your needs as patient then look for another doc. One who as standard protocol performs your desired procedure. Please note the internet and these forums can do as much harm as good. If docs start changing their surgical protocol to any large extent you can be sure they and their patients will suffer.

Last thing... don't rush ask high quality questions. Docs again are just people.

All the best,

Andy G.
I had an implant on 1/4/10. Going for my first checkup tomorrow. so far pain has been minimal, but of course, I've not had any pressure on that joint yet. I'm cautiously optomistic. I just could not imaging off my feet for 8 weeks after a fusion. I'll let you know how it goes.
Implant has not been good for me. Now fusion also requires bone graft.

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