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[QUOTE=rightie102;4119006]I think the numbness is normal... in fact it gets a lot more painful as that subsides.

The tingling and burning is the same as what I felt and I believe it's normal. It's the nerves around incision going a little haywire and part of healing. Around week 7 is when that seemed to subside (I just finished the 8th week).

Does your surgeon have you doing any PT and if so, at what week? Mine didnt order any and I wasn't allowed to start flexing/stretching out my big toe til after 6 weeks. And the biggest thing to face is getting flexibility back. It's been 2 weeks since I got my wraps off and I still can't hardly bend my toe but can FINALLY put a shoe on and drive as of a few days ago. I hope you get to work with a physical therapist.

Good luck to you![/QUOTE]

PT is a physical therapist? No my doc didn't say anything about that. My feet have gause and an ace bandage on them. I'm probably not supposed to but i move my big toe around sometimes. I just can't help it, i cant let it be still the whole day. dosen't really hurt when i move it but i moved it a little to much once and had an odd sensation from what seemed like inside my toe. I'm trying to stop tho. I guess i'll know if i'm supposed to do this or not in about 2 weeks when i see my doc. I've also had to rewrap both feet cuz the bandages started slipping a looking all crazy. While doing so i took a peek at my incision. Looked pretty good, i think, its big tho. I know, i'm probably not a good patient cuz i won't leave stuff alone. I drove around the cul-va-sack where i live today. With my boot on of course. Did pretty good, not sure if i wanna get out in traffice but it was nice to know that i could drive a little.

How have you been able to keep your toe complete sill? I hope the pain dosen't get worse as the numbness subsides. I don't know if i can take all these funny feelings.

Hope your able to get more of your flexability back real soon!
Hey you guys -- Rightie, Alice, Roy and everyone -- I amazed as I am reading all of your posts. I am 3-1/2 weeks post op and also had bunion surgery that sounds very similar -- V-cut in the bone and screw inserted, but my experience has been very different from what most of you describe. I was put in an air-walker boot immediately (left the surgical center in it) which I wear anytime I walk for the first 6 weeks, so I have not had crutches. The only time I had what I would call excruciating pain was the night of the surgery. After that night, it has been manageable -- mostly what I would call discomfort. At my 2-week appointment they removed the stitches (no big deal, just snipped the ends), and Doc gave me exercises to start doing. Basically, supporting the surgery area top and bottom of foot with one hand, pull big toe toward me as far as it will go (yes, I almost fainted when he first showed me this! :dizzy:). I also push the toe down in the same way. As a matter of fact, I went back last week for another appointment (unscheduled, as I thought I had hurt my foot), and he told me I wasn't doing it enough, and if I didn't, I would have a lot more difficulty getting my range of motion back. So, I've been doing it, it was really hard to make myself do it at first, but now I've actually gotten used to it and it's not so bad. I have not had to use much in the way of pain meds since the first 2 weeks. The only time I really have a problem is if I try to do to much and my foot swells, then it feels like there is a rubber band wrapped tight around the base of my 2nd and 3rd toes. That is when I jump in the chair and put the ice on it. Occasionally I will take 2 Advil. I do have some numbness around the surgical site, but I haven't noticed the pulsing and pain that Rightie describes. Whoever said that their foot is smaller now, I have the same thing. The foot without the bunion looks like they attached someone else's foot to the end of my leg. I don't know what that is going to mean with regard to finding a pair of shoes now!!! I like things very symmetrical, and my two feet don't match! So, I guess I'll be having the surgery on my other foot someday (it doesn't hurt much now, so in reality, I'll probably wait until it does)!!! I have been surprised at how many different procedures and post op methods there are for bunion surgery. My girlfriend had bunion surgery and described the pain as being between hell and ABSOLUTE hell. She was so adament that she would NEVER do it again, that I almost didn't do it. For me, with the exception of the first night, I would describe it mostly as a huge inconvenience.

Question about driving - My surgery was on my left foot, so I am able to drive. My next surgery will be different though -- I know you can't drive with the boot on, but I also can't imagine starting to drive immediately after it comes off. Seems like it would not be a good thing if you had to slam on the brakes. Does anyone have any experience with bunion surgery on your right foot? Just wondering how long it was after you got out of your boot or surgical shoe before you were able to drive? This will be a big factor as to if/when I opt for that one.

Good luck to everyone with your respective recoveries. I, too, have found these boards extremely helpful -- especially when it comes to setting appropriate expectations for the length of time you are out of commission!

Take care, everyone! :wave:

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