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Dec 13, 2009
I think i might have Sesamoiditis..Im a ballet dancer, and at first it felt like i had bruised the ball of my foot, but then it just got more and more painfull, so i rested for two weeks, but it didnt help. As I had my ballet exam in a month, I couldnt rest anymore, but the pain seemed to be gone for a while.. but now, it will feel normal, but suddenly it feels like a bone has popped out of my foot (just next to where the sesamoids are) and i cant stand on it because theres this lump there! It isent painfull until i try 'pop' the (bone or whatever it is) back in. I dont know what to do! how can i treat this? Will it show up on normal xrays? and is a normal doctor good enough, or should i see a podiatrist?

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