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Janesfoot, your story is similar to mine, though I did not have bunion surgery. I thought I was growing a bunion as per the family tradition. The first podiatrist I saw knew my mother and grandmother and said we all have the same feet......just different generations. In Aug 08 I walked a couple of blocks to get coffee wearing sandals that apparently were totally unsuitable for my foot. That night I was awakened with a sharp jab in that joint that felt like someone was jamming an ice pick in it. Turns out I had arthritis. I spent a lot of money on footwear last year and got new orthotics. Nothing helped enough. I had surgery to fuse that joint on Oct 28th this year and so far so good.

I have learned that a bump on the top of the joint is arthritis, on the side is a bunion. My left foot has a bunion. Walking and the orthotic help. My right foot was arthritis. Walking and movement made it worse. Orthotics didn't really help it.

I agree that you should get your foot checked out. Better safe than sorry.

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