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"Can you get up on your tip toes while standing only on your left foot? That will give you a clue if something is going on with your PTT. If it is hard, painful, or impossible, to get on your tip toes, then you know something is probably going on there."

Excellent suggestion! Do try to do it with only the affected foot.

I had 4 shredded tears of the posterior tibial tendon--it hurt just under the bump of the ankle bone, not in the arch. Kind of a burning pain. Ask to see a physical therapist who deals with these kinds of injuries. Man, in my personal experience, they diagnose it in a heartbeat.

Please be cautious about cortisone shots until you know if it's tendon related--they can sometimes precipitate tendon tears.

Have they put you in a brace or a boot to support your ankle? Kind of annoying, but helps with pain.

The advice I got from my sister-in-law PT when I started having symptoms: "Posterior Tibial Tendon. Wear only your athletic shoes, take ibuprophen daily (as an anti-inflamatory agent, never mind pain-relief), ice and elevate daily. If it doesn't get SIGNIFICANTLY better within 3 weeks, see an orthopod." I'll add--make sure the orthopod has a fellowship in foot and ankle.

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